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Care plans are central to the nursing process.  They are documents that outline in detail the care to be provided to a patient.  For the student nurse, preparing and writing a care plan can be very time consuming and complicated.

There are many sites and reference books that provide nursing care plan templates.  Templates  are  useful  in providing  an outline for a starting point. They can be compared to the blueprints to building a house.  Also useful for the builder (and to student nurses) are examples of the  finished product. 

Our member site provides a library of  "Graded Patient Care Plans"  composed by student nurses.  These graded patient care plans include rationales and instructor notes.   They are provided as case studies for review, learning, and research.  Also provided for our members are “Maslow Cheat Sheets”. These are provided to help Nursing Students save time and work with their Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns presentations.

Knowing what instructors look for when grading care plans will help 1st and 2nd semester nursing students as they begin their education as well as 3rd and 4th semester nursing students as they continue their education.  In addition to our unique care plan library, we also offer educational articles, links, resources, forums and nightly live study chat sessions to assist nursing students.

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"Seeing how a care plan was formatted and
how instructors graded them helped me immensely".

Cathy Thomas, LPN

"A must have resource for the nursing student!"
Patty Smith, RN


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